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Food Review UK

Coppernose Craft Jerky Review | Best Beef Jerky EVER!

“This is the best beef jerky that I’ve ever had”

Welcome to the CopperNose family

Welcome to the CopperNose Family – Growing the CopperNose family since 1066!

CopperNose Bro ​Liam

Mastermind Bro


AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 6 foot 2 inches
NOTABLE FEATURES: freckles, hazel eyes, brown hair, stout build, shaven; rarely smiles; devoted cynic; often found behind a graphic novel.

The CopperNose


coppernose the bull triple size_orig

Dates far back into the brothers’ family history. When Henry VIII lowered the fineness of the kingdom’s third coinage to one third silver and two thirds copper, it affected the entire country. The Coppernose Clan had to sell off the family jewels and their prize bull, Robert. However, this family had enough tricks and friends to ensure Robert’s glorious return home. They weren’t that bothered about the jewels. The coin is a symbol of the family’s heritage and perseverance – and inherent love of bullocks.

CopperNose Bro Daniel

Chief Procurement Bro

daniel derry1 triple size_orig

AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 6 feet 1 inches
NOTABLE FEATURES: Bronzed complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, roman nose, heroic build, strangely enigmatic smile, barrel rider, bull runner and beard wearer extraordinaire, who can normally be found grabbing a cheeky pint.